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  • +55 11 3083-1031
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Once we learn about your business, our team will show you how we can help you solve problems, add flexibility and accomplish what might have been impossible before.

Nossos Serviços

Information Management

Our professionals are prepared to bring you the best in cargo transportation. We can help you solve problems, add flexibility and prevent losses and damages. In order to manage that, we are dedicated to implementing best practices and cutting-edge technologies. Check out some items that are part of our routine performance:

Our integration platform allows us to connect our systems to yours

We offer a unique experience by giving you real-time visibility of your road freight transportation. Our tracking tools provide direct online communication to our support teams. That way you can save time for you and your customer.

Your shipment is important to us, so we monitor the delivery performance with real-time GPS-based tracking

Our tools can predict a possible late delivery in advance, so we can take action and prevent it from happening.

For completed parcel deliveries, a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, we use signature capture technology and GPS coordinates to provide proof of delivery with signature and location. All information is made available to our customers in real time from our website.

Transportation Services

We are not just a courier company. We think fast, respond and act fast. Instead of bureaucracy, we offer you:

We work so that your cargo is safe and you feel at ease during the entire logistical operation

Thus, we count on the services of a risk management company that ensures the necessary security in the entire logistic process, through vehicle tracking via satellite and insurance policy with national coverage, RCTR-C (Civil Liability of the Road Cargo Carrier) and RCF-DC (Civil Liability – Cargo Disappearance).

In addition, depending on the specificity, the cargo may have an escort.

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