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  • +55 11 3083-1031
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LOG10 Services

General Warehouse and Tax Branch

Log10 performs cargo distribution operations through a storage contract or through the constitution of a tax branch.

Besides being specialists in cargo transportation, we have the ideal logistics project for your company, controlling your stock with total security.

Besides receiving the goods, we perform a high-quality control, based on the criteria established by the customer. With our own modern fleet for road freight transportation, we have total control of the processes, until the end of the operations.

Stages of Operation: Cargo Storage

Our verticalized facilities provide the correct addressing of merchandise lots, allowing “FIFO” control (First In, First Out).

Stages of Activity: Palletization

Palletizing is part of our production processes, but it can also be conceived as a separate service, occasionally contracted by the customers.

Stages of Activity: Picking

With modern tools and team training we guarantee accuracy in our merchandise separation processes.

Stages of operation: Cross Docking

A modern logistics concept, which eliminates warehousing and relies on the dynamism of cargo consolidation, cross-docking is preferred by customers who wish to avoid the accumulation of trucks on their docks and excess inventory in their warehouses.

Finally, in the general warehouse and tax branch services, we study the best routes to carry out the deliveries of our clients’ merchandise. We always aim to meet the stipulated deadlines quickly and efficiently.

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