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  • +55 (11) 3083-1031
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About Us

Since our foundation in 2006, Log10 transportes has been marked by a trajectory with countless challenges and great achievements. Acting in the business of road transportation via utility vehicles, air freight transportation and express deliveries via motorcycle courier services all around Brazil, we seek excellence in our service through constant investment in all our physical and technological structure.

In 2011 we achieved qualification to transport and store the most important classes of health-related products, among them:

Medications, Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Cosmetics, Hygiene-related Products and Medical Equipment and Devices, according to the current regulations. We understand that there is still a long road ahead of us, full of challenges and limits to overcome, as the quality in service provision is reached by the effort to adapt to the needs of both clients and the market.

We hope we can count on your partnership.

Currently, our main focus is on solutions for both time and temperature-sensitive shipments.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a higher level of service with relevant and continuous improvement. The result is success – for our customers, and for us.


We believe that quality assurance and best practice principles are key to providing the expected service standards.


Our primary goal is to ensure that every shipment is delivered on time, every time, in good condition and without incidents.


At Log10, we believe that quality assurance and best practice principles are fundamental to providing the service standards you expect.

Our main goal is to ensure that every shipment is delivered on time, every time, in good condition, and without incident. To do this, we have implemented quality systems and processes that are continually improved to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Log10’s employees are periodically trained and all our operations meet pre-defined procedures. In addition, Log10 can easily incorporate any specific process that will be included in customized operational plans.

Risk Management

Whether from the fleet, professionals, terminals and the goods transported. The company continuously works and ensures that your cargo is safe and that you feel at ease during the entire logistical operation.

Thus, we count on the services of a risk management company that guarantees the necessary security in the entire logistic process, through vehicle tracking via satellite and insurance policy with national coverage, RCTR-C (Civil Liability of the Road Cargo Carrier) and RCF-DC (Civil Liability – Cargo Disappearance).

In addition, depending on the specificity, the cargo may have an escort.

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