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Promotional Logistics

We offer promotional logistics services for companies. In this modality, we transport cargo for both marketing and trade markets, as well as promotion agencies. We have a complete structure to store and manage gifts, items for events and plenty of other things.


Check out some services in the transportation of promotional cargo

  • Reverse Logistics;
  • Transportation for Events, Fairs and Conventions;
  • Transport of items for promotional campaigns;
  • Collection and Receiving of Materials;
  • Handling and separation of materials;
  • Assembly of Kits;
  • Expedition and Distribution;

The services offered by us allow our customers to focus on their business and on managing operations, obtaining agility and quality in the processes. We ship orders via road, air freight transportation and express motorcycle courier service.

We take care of your promotional logistics while you pay attention to other details that will make a difference in your Promotional Marketing action. Count on us for your next quote.