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Air Freight Forwarding

Log10 has partnerships with the biggest airlines in Brazil. We guarantee the urgency of your shipment and offer national coverage in the transport of fractional loads up to 1 ton.  Get to know our work in air freight forwarding.

Traceability in Air Transport

The traceability that our company’s technology offers allows enables daily delivery confirmations. Besides, you will also have direct communication with us via customer service center.

Express Air forwarding

Ensure the delivery of air freight within differentiated and pre-determined deadlines.

Conventional Air Transport

Have your order delivered within 24 to 60 hours in all capitals and airport cities in Brazil.

Air Hotline Transport

With the air hotline, the cargo transport is accompanied by employees from the moment of collection until the delivery.

Road-Air Transport

We integrate the air and road modes in order to attend the delivery where there is no direct flight or destination airport.

Learn more about the services of our transportation company by contacting us. We are available to help you with logistics services.