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Food Transportation

In order to transport food cargo, the Log10 team adopts extra care. Our practices in the transportation of refrigerated and frozen foods ensure that your products arrive at their final destination in perfect condition. We know the care you must take when searching for a reliable food transporter; after all, these products are intended for human consumption and any kind of variation in their characteristics may affect our health.

For this reason, besides following the technical norms for transporting food, we also work under a strict Manual of Good Practices. 

Specialized food transportation

We are prepared to serve you! We have:

  • Isolated and sanitized driver’s cabin
  • Vehicles with inspection certificates and COVISA authorization
  • Plastic boxes for food packaging
  • Constant training for employees
  • Temperature control 
  • Risk management plan
  • Route tracking

Contact us

Food transportation requires attention and dedication. As it is considered a fragile cargo, which requires extra care, contamination and exposure to sunlight and temperatures not recommended by manufacturers compromise the quality and consumption conditions. 

Talk to our team to learn more about our food transportation service. No doubt we will have a logistics service option that fits your needs and your budget.