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Transportation for medical area

We are able to do the transportation and the management of stocks, including: reception, checking, separation by lot and storage of biological products, medicines, cosmetics and related products with quality and meeting the needs of each product. Also following the highest standards of professional handling.

Our logistics service specialists proactively accompany your shipment, ensuring the collection, packaging, handling and delivery of your shipments.

We have temperature and humidity control for the entire logistical process with a data logger. We even work with qualified boxes.

Our vehicles are certified by COVISA, containing lining, thermal insulation and refrigeration.

Once delivered, proof of delivery will be made available to you, via web, e-mail or SMS text.


Log10 understands and responds to the need for cold chain management for temperature-sensitive shipments.

With qualified, validated packaging and temperature control throughout the logistic process, through data logger, monitoring and tracking in real time.

Log10 has Thermal Qualification on its vehicles and packaging, to ensure that the temperature distribution is homogeneous in the environment.

Available temperature ranges include:

  • 15-25°C Controlled ambient
  • 2-8°C   Refrigerated ambient
  • -20°C   Frozen ambient

Our team of experts is available to advise on the use of appropriate temperature-control packaging in storage and transport.

Transportation of Biological Material

Log10 performs the transportation of biological material, clinical trial shipments and patient samples.

Cosmetics Transportation

We have all the structure for the transport and storage of your cosmetic, complying with the requirements of sanitary surveillance.

Health Products Transportation

Your shipment is as important to Log10 as it is to you. We recognize the importance of each shipment, so our specialized employees understand the sensitive nature of each shipment.

We specialize in the storage and transportation of medical and hospital products.

Medicine Transportation

Log10 is responsible for the distribution of medicines (including controlled drugs), thermolabile drugs and vaccines, in compliance with the regulations in force.

We have an efficient delivery system to hospitals, laboratories, and even to homes.