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  • +55 (11) 3083-1031
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Logistics Services

Road Freight Transportation

The road freight transportation is the best alternative for cargo transportation in the country. We, from Log10 Transportes, deliver packages to all cities in Brazil. Furthermore, we are widely recognized for our quality and speed in the transportation of fractional loads. Whatever the modal (road, air freight and customs transportation), we adopt high quality standards and guarantee fast and safe deliveries.

In order to transport cargo efficiently, we use in our delivery service, utility vehicles such as Uno Furgão, Fiorino, Kombi e Caminhão V.U.C 3/4, TOCO e TRUCK for distribution of parcels and medium volume cargo. We operate in the South, Southeast, North, Northeast, and Center-West regions of Brazil. Consult regions.

Road freight transportation with experts in the area

  • Scheduled, automatic and requested pickup of goods
  • Indicated for companies that seek transport over short and medium distances
  • Possibility of a dedicated team at the customer’s expedition
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Traceability of the cargo

With a dedicated and experienced team, available 24/7, 365 days a year, whatever your logistics needs are, Log10 Transportes is ready to present you with the ideal solution for cargo transport and storage. Discover our services!

Road freight transportation with reverse logistics

With rigorous handling and good practices procedures, our road freight transportation company performs reverse logistics and, when necessary, securing, inventory and storage of goods until their respective return. If you want to learn more about our services with road freight transportation and other modalities, please contact us. Our team is entirely available to serve you.

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